in the Split Nautical High School

The Split Nautical High School was the first Croatian School to become a member of the GLOBE School Community along with the Surveying Technical School of Zagreb ,  These schools obtained the GLOBE identification in November 1995. Our measurements and reports began in February 1996.  Todays number of   GLOBE schools in Croatia is about  60.

Atmosphere and climatic measurements within the school's GLOBE activities are of particular interest to the school's  student body. As future seamen and officers, the students  exercise these skills during their schooling. We expect that the future development of the GLOBE Program will also include the shoreline measurements. Our school is already  active in this area through the UNESCO's SEMEP (South-Eastern MEditerranean sea Project).

The school's training ship Juraj Caric was the first of her kind to fly the GLOBE flag and this act has put our school   among  GLOBE STARS.

The first measurements and reports were sent by the II F Class students of the Nautical Department - during the 1995/96 academic year. The picture shows these students with the GLOBE flag with the name and the logo of the Split Nautical High School, which was raised on the Juraj Caric on June 20, 1996, during the course for Croatian GLOBE teachers.

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